Though there are numerous products on the market that help manage symptoms of the cold and flu, not everyone feels comfortable consuming over-the-counter medication. Additionally, individuals are now more interested than ever in using natural ingredients and products as a preventative measure, rather than just a solution to alleviate symptoms.

Chaga is one such ingredient that packs a powerful punch in terms of antioxidants and has been used for centuries – studies are also showing a real benefit to consuming Chaga, whether it’s to boost the immune system, reduce oxidative stress in the body or even provide anti-aging benefits to the skin and organs.

Chaga and the Immune System

So how exactly does Chaga strengthen the immune system? In a short scientific explanation, it activates the macrophages and lymphocytes – effector cells in the immune system – which in turn increases the cytokine production. Cytokines are vital in the immune system and are considered to be the ‘messenger’ cells which help the body function optimally, such as encouraging white blood cells to fight back against a virus or infection. The better the cytokine production, the stronger and faster the immune system can fight back when it’s under attack.

Properties in Chaga help boost that production, which makes it ideal to consume on a daily basis – especially at this time of year. Having the immune system strong and ready for attack means you’ll experience less sickness and be able to ward off (or at least minimize) many of the cold and flu viruses that go around each season.

Additional Properties of Chaga

Though Chaga is an ideal ingredient to use for the immune system, there’s another major benefit to using it as part of a daily routine. The compounds that Chaga contains to boost the immune system also have special properties that prevent it from attacking the immune system. Inflammation is often a result of internal attacks from the immune system on healthy cells and leads to many well-known ailments and diseases, such as allergies, inflammatory bowel disease or rheumatoid arthritis.

This makes Chaga safe for nearly all users – even those who suffer from autoimmune diseases and disorders. It can be safely used as an immune-boosting solution, while keeping the body functioning properly. Studies[1] have shown that Chaga can strengthen healthy cells, while simultaneously repairing damaged cells caused by oxidative stress and inflammation.

If you suffer from a diagnosed medical condition, always be sure to obtain a doctor’s approval before consuming natural ingredients in addition to a treatment plan, as the ingredients could affect the strength or effectiveness of the prescription medication. If you wish to include Chaga tea as part of a daily lifestyle routine, one cup daily is ideal to boost the immune system and strengthen the body against attack caused by viruses or flu bugs.


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