How are these wellness products getting exposure and becoming a part of daily health routines?


Scrolling through Instagram, you constantly find new things that catch your eye – new restaurants, clothing and even health supplements. Over the last few years, wellness has become a major buzzword in the industry. Instead of consuming supplements with unknown ingredients more are turning to natural herbs, plants and even mushrooms to improve a variety of health conditions and give a boost to overall health and wellness both in a physical and mental sense.

Adaptogens are one of the leading trends in 2019…but what are adaptogens?

In a nutshell, adaptogens are substances found in herbal medicines and supplements that are designed to bring balance to the system and help manage the stress response. What makes them even more interesting is that they are able to adapt to the needs of your body after consumption and balance parts of the system that need a little extra help at the moment.

Adaptogens have been around for centuries but only now are they really catching on outside of those who practice traditional and ancient medicine. Plants and mushrooms are ground into a powder and either added to smoothies or meals or consumed in a capsule form. Some are even enjoyed as tea, which adds another level to self-care and wellness.

One such adaptogen that is thought to reduce stress is Chaga – a mushroom found in remote regions of Asia and Russia.

As a powerful superfood, Chaga mushroom has been shown to be beneficial in a range of health conditions outside of stress and anxiety. As an adaptogen, Chaga provides energy to a fatigued system without causing overstimulation while it also has the powerful task of providing relaxation to a body that needs rest without causing drowsiness. If you’re looking for an immune-boosting adaptogen with health benefits that go back thousands of years, adaptogens – Chaga in particular – is one supplement that should be added to a daily routine for maximum benefit.

As more influencers highlight adaptogens and Chaga on social media, it will be one trend that will definitely catch your eye in 2019!

[1] Source: Globe and Mail