Siberian Empire prides itself on providing premium health products to customers around the world, responsibly sourcing essential ingredients from remote regions that are untouched by modern-day pollution and contaminants.

Achieving optimal health and wellness stems from using pure and natural ingredients like Chaga, which has been used by ancient cultures for centuries and features an extensive history of providing numerous health benefits. Containing a vast number of mineral elements and antioxidants, Chaga is a vital part of balancing out the metabolic process to prevent disease and ailments that negatively affect the body.

Give Your Body the Love it Deserves

Every day, you try to make the best choices for your body – but sometimes it’s difficult to know if you’re doing the right thing. Daily stress and environmental pollutants puts more stress on your body than it should ever endure, which is what makes Chaga even more valuable in your daily routine.

Chaga benefits include:

Why Choose Siberian Empire?

We set ourselves apart from the competition by harvesting Chaga from only the most superior location on Earth. Siberian birch trees are remote and untouched by environmental harm – which elevates our superfood to even higher levels of value and quality. Unlike the Chaga that grows in North American regions, Siberian Empire obtains Chaga in areas far away from industrial zones, ensuring only the best products for our customers, thanks in part to our highly selective quality control!

In addition to responsible sourcing of our products, Siberian Empire believes that living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle also means paying a fair living wage to our harvesters. Based in North America, our Chaga comes straight from the remote Siberian region.

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