What is Wild Chaga? Is Chaga Safe?


Many customers have questions in mind "Is Chaga safe?"


Chaga is a folk medicine mushroom and it is absolutely safe if you follow all the guidelines on daily dosage:


Medicinal ingredients



Recommended use or purpose



To the average eye, it might not look like much – as a mushroom-like growth on birch trees, wild Chaga often appears like charcoal and contains a non-toxic parasitic fungal growth, known as Inonotus Obliquus. The inside of Chaga is softer in color, usually a rust-brown interior that is then broken down into chunks or ground into chaga mushroom powder.


Chaga grows best in very cold climates, most notably in the wild forests of Korea, Eastern Europe and Russia – specifically in Siberia. In Northern America, Wild Chaga is found in the upper regions of the United States and throughout Canada. The quality of Chaga depends on where it is harvested – at Siberian Empire, we harvest all of our premium products from deep within the Siberian forest, untouched by environmental pollution.


Despite Chaga being available for centuries, it is now experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Due to its positive effects on a range of health conditions and diseases, it has been classified by the World Trade Organization as a medicinal mushroom.


Health Benefits of Wild Chaga


Wild Chaga has a long history of being used for a number of health conditions. The folk medicine mushroom has shown promise in:



A number of scientific studies have also touted the beneficial effects of Chaga. One study, which looked at the effects of Chaga on glucose levels, discovered that Chaga had a noticeable effect on those who consumed the mushroom-like ingredient for a period of six weeks. At the end of the study, glucose levels in patients consuming Chaga was significantly lower than those who had not, therefore highlighting the therapeutic effect it also has on common diabetes symptoms.


Chaga composition and useful properties

The parasite that settled on the tree, constantly feeds on the sap of its host. As a result, the birch tree dies within a few years, and the growth is infused with vitality. Chaga contains almost the entire Mendeleev's table:

- B vitamin complex (useful for the nervous system, skin and nail health);

- vitamin D (read more about its benefits in the big article);

- potassium (helps the central nervous system and provides tissues and organs with oxygen)

- Vitamin C (boosts immunity, protects tissues and organs);

- Amino acids (needed for normal hormonal and endocrine systems, muscle growth and metabolism)

- fiber (helps digestion, is necessary for the development of proper intestinal microflora);

- Copper (helps to normalize metabolism);

- selenium (regulates the thyroid gland)

- sodium (salts support water-salt balance in the body);

- zinc (slows the aging process of cells)

- iron (triggers the synthesis of hemoglobin and red blood cells in the human blood)

- manganese (helps proper and effective absorption of iron, controls blood sugar and thyroid hormones)

- Magnesium (necessary for normal muscle function, including the heart, helps normalize blood pressure);

- calcium (regulates blood clotting, needed for bone growth and muscle function)

- retinol (responsible for healthy eyes);

- cobalt (regulates the endocrine system);

- nickel (increases insulin production, helps deliver oxygen to all cells);

- Silicon (essential for healthy joints, hair, and nails).


Antioxidants in Chaga

Aside from the number of health benefits associated with Chaga, it’s also an exceptional source of antioxidants. Some of the most notable include:



Chaga also contains many nutritional elements, including minerals like iron, zinc and potassium. By balancing out the body’s internal system with the help of these powerful antioxidants, the risk of disease is dramatically reduced!


What Does Chaga Tea Taste Like?


Chaga is generally flavorless, you don’t have to worry about it altering the taste of your dish! Some clients reported as it has a slightly earthy taste. Try our Wild Chaga for Sale